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Bronze Casting Workshop

Students will learn the ancient art of bronze casting using contemporary methods and materials. The class will begin with students making a wax form and will have a bronze artwork by the end of the class. This intensive hands-on workshop covers 30 hours of class. There are two options: Six consecutive days or three weekends. Tuition Cost: $395

Stone Carving Workshop

Have you ever wanted to carve in stone, but thought it would be too difficult? Soapstone is softer than granite or marble and is an excellent stone for beginners. In this introductory stone carving course, students will work from a maquette or small model and will translate their ideas directly into soapstone. Students will be given an opportunity to work with hand and/or power tools. Rental or purchase of hand tools will be available. Tuition Cost: $195

Mold Making Workshop

Have you ever had a successful sculpture that you would like to reproduce in one or more editions? This basic class will teach you various techniques of mold making using rigid and flexible molds. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of molds will be discussed, and students will have hands-on experience in creating the various types of molds. Tuition Cost: $200

Handbuilding in Clay

Students will explore pottery making and sculpture forms using clay slabs. After the slabs have dried to a leather hard stage, the surface will be decorated with incising and/or stains. The class will conclude with a bisque firing of the clay forms. $150

Wheel Thrown Pottery

This workshop will focus on basic wheel forming skills such as throwing various forms and lids. The class will include trimming of the pots and will conclude with a bisque firing of the pots. Tuition Cost $200

Glazing Pottery

This workshop will cover various techniques for glazing as well as underglazing. The workshop will cover dipping, pouring, brushing and wax resist. Commercial and original recipes for glazes will be available. Tuition Cost: $100


In this workshop students will have an introduction to the beautiful art of enameling. The workshop will cover a range of techniques and surfaces for the application of enamels in a jewelry format using copper. Tuition Cost: $230

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